Shipping & Logistics

Manuella Oil and Gas's expertise in LPG shipping and logistics enables them to provide reliable and efficient services to their clients

Shipping & Logistics

Manuella Oil and Gas is a company that operates in the field of LPG shipping and logistics. The company specializes in the transportation and management of liquefied petroleum gas, providing services throughout the supply chain to ensure the safe and efficient movement of LPG.

As an LPG shipping and logistics company, Manuella Oil and Gas engages in a variety of activities to facilitate the transportation and delivery of LPG.

Manuella Oil and Gas’s expertise in LPG shipping and logistics enables them to provide reliable and efficient services to their clients. By effectively managing the entire supply chain and prioritizing safety, they contribute to the smooth and secure movement of LPG, supporting the energy needs of various sectors worldwide.



We secure the chartering of LPG carriers or tankers to transport LPG from production facilities or terminals to various destinations. This involves negotiating contracts with vessel owners or operators to ensure the availability of suitable vessels for the required routes and cargo volumes.

We manage the LPG cargo from its source to the final destination. This includes overseeing loading operations at terminals, ensuring proper stowage and securing of the cargo on board the vessels, and monitoring the cargo's condition and safety during transportation.

Manuella Oil and Gas prioritizes safety in all aspects of their operations. They implement stringent safety protocols to minimize risks associated with handling and transportation of LPG. Compliance with international regulations and industry best practices is a crucial part of their approach to ensure the well-being of personnel, the protection of the environment, and the security of the cargo.

Manuella Oil and Gas stays informed about market trends, supply and demand dynamics, and industry developments. They conduct market analysis to identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and devise strategic plans to enhance their competitiveness and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

We manage the logistics and distribution of LPG, coordinating the flow of LPG from terminals to end users. This includes optimizing transportation routes, scheduling deliveries, and ensuring timely and reliable supply to customers.

Why Choose Us?

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  • Safety

    We understand the importance of safety when it comes LPG. Our products are carefully designed to ensure maximum safety during delivery, storage, and usage. We employ the best safety standards and practices to ensure that our clients are protected from any potential hazards.

  • Quality Control

    We take great pride in the quality of our products. To ensure that our clients receive products of the highest quality, we subject them to rigorous quality control measures. Our bottling plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures that the gas is filtered and purified to meet the highest industry standards

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our eco-friendly products. LPG is a clean and efficient fuel source that emits fewer pollutants into the air compared to traditional fuel sources. By choosing our products, our clients contribute to the reduction of carbon.